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Great to have teamed up with “RAES autogroep” for their brand new corporate video. The final result is a musical blend of familiar class and a contemporary feel. a Warm thank you to Liesbeth Ghesquière for the opportunity.

Additionally the music became the backbone of the radio commercial aired on both Top Radio & Nostalgie. a Special thanks to Fredo Gevaert for supervising the radio commercial and to Steven Jans for lending us his beautiful voice.


It was a pleasure to collaborate with director Stefan van den Bosch for a very first time. ‘Wie zoet is’ was another 48 Hours challenge, on which we’ve embarked on a thrilling creative journey to bring this story to live.

For the first edition of the 48 Global challenge I’ve teamed up with director Horace Cohen to represent the Netherlands in this international film competition. ‘Night Walk’ (aka ‘Nachtwandeling’) is a brooding SciFi Thriller Short about a not so bright future, starring the fabulous Dutch actor Pim Veth. a Special thank you to Coen Haver for the introduction.

It has been a creative trip to score the animated SciFi short ‘Oxygen’ written by Rocky Grispen and beautifully animated by Violette Belzer. Very challenging as well, since there’s no dialogue whatsoever, so the music has to guide the audience throughout the film. Fortunately I was supported by the fabulous Fredo Gevaert (Temple of Tune) who created the Sound Design for this wonderful project. a Special thank you to Wim Coryn for my introduction to the creators. ‘Oxygen’ has been selected for Filmfestivals around the world and already gained a couple of nominations as well. I’m proud to say the score received it’s first nomination in the category ‘best music score’ at the NOFF, USA.


To say creating ‘Boxcar’ was a tough project to complete is a mild understatement. Fortunately director and friend Coen Haver never stopped believing in this project and finally was able to present his ‘coming of age’ film to the world at the Go Short Festival Arnhem, NL. Writing the score for ‘Boxcar’ was a personal exploration of the subject, and an intimate musical reflection on love, struggle, missed opportunities and loss. I was truly happy to involve Xander Nichting (Violin Tracks) to perform the music. Xander’s playing gave my music the heart and soul this story deserves.