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Latest News

For the second time round I’ve had the oppurtunity to collaborate with the Emmy Award winning director Kyle William Roberts and Reckless Abandonment Pictures on an exciting new project for MattelTM

It’s a Stop-Motion animated web series called ‘PLAYING AROUND WITH THOMAS & FRIENDS’ for which I’ve had the pleasure of writing the score for the first 3 Webisodes.

During summer I’ve had the good fortune of spending a week in the presence of Hollywood veteran composer Mr. Christopher Young. I’ve learned more than I can possibly say. Besides being a passionate instructor, he’s the sweetest guy to hang out with. During this program I’ve rescored the opening credits for his movie ‘JENNIFER 8’ starring Andy Garcia and Uma Thurman. a Unique challenge since we’ve recorded my music live to picture with a fine studio orchestra in Madrid.

I was asked by The Engineering Network (TEN) Managing director Mike Matheeussen to write music for a new audiovisual presentation project. Once again I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the gifted Xander Nichting for this project, who performed the violin solo with so much passion.


After a very enjoyable first season, I was asked to continue writing music for this second installment. Kosmoo’s adventures continue, and so did mine since it was bionicle fun to revisit the themes from the previous season but also add a bunch of new ones. Thanks to my two fabulous directors Bart Van Leemputten & Matthias Temmermans for their enthousiasm, and to Jan Van Hende and Davy De Zutter for their support.

Friend and director Douglas Boswell – with whom I’ve previously collaborated on the television series called ‘Kattenoog’ – asked me if I would be interested in scoring this short. Of course I was more than happy to participate since the story and visuals gave me the opportunity to explore new sounds and write in a more minimalistic, contemporary way. Thanks to the fabulous cast and crew for being so passionate about this project, and being a huge inspiration for me.