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Floris & Pip Affichebeeld

“Floris & Pip” is a romantic short – directed by Coen Haver & Joanne Hakkert – for which I wrote the music. It’s an enchanting little story about the 10 year old Floris who’s head over heels in love with the most beautiful girl. The score itself is a charming little piano-score that highlights the emotion on screen.


‘Fixed Fairy Tales’ is an animated series that takes classic fairy tales and gives them a new twist. From the creators of How It Should Have Ended and Klomp! Animation comes a fun new animated collection of stories told high in a castle tower with your host, Vincent Featherbottom, the Story Changing Owl.


I had a great time arranging & producing the music for this fabulous production. Aspe is a popular television series which ended after 10 seasons, but now found its way to the theatre. Chief inspector Van In (Herbert Flack) once again has to solve murders in a world where nothing is what it seems…a Special thank you to composer Sam Verhoeven, director Frank Van Laecke & Uitgezonderd.Theater!

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WVI logo

I was privileged to participate as a composer on this anniversary project. I was asked to score the corporate video and compose a little Ballet Ouverture performed by dancer Stefanie Duc especially for this great occasion. Thank you WVI, TWICE Entertainment and Liesbeth Ghesquière for this wonderful opportunity. a Special thank you to the wonderful vocal artist Romy Coomans who performed the theme with so much grace.



Ice Princess_2

Prepare yourself for the wondrous encounter with ‘The Fire Prince and Snow Princess’. Once again this was a fun and great collaboration with Audiocult Maestro René Merkelbach and fellow collaborators Marco Kuypers, Roy Bemelmans, Tim Langedijk and Romy Coomans.