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It has been a creative trip to score the animated SciFi short ‘Oxygen’ written by Rocky Grispen and beautifully animated by Violette Belzer. Very challenging as well, since there’s no dialogue whatsoever, so the music has to guide the audience throughout the film. Fortunately I was supported by the fabulous Fredo Gevaert (Temple of Tune) who created the Sound Design for this wonderful project. a Special thank you to Wim Coryn for my introduction to the creators. ‘Oxygen’ has been selected for Filmfestivals around the world and already gained a couple of nominations as well. I’m proud to say the score received it’s first nomination in the category ‘best music score’ at the NOFF, USA.


To say creating ‘Boxcar’ was a tough project to complete is a mild understatement. Fortunately director and friend Coen Haver never stopped believing in this project and finally was able to present his ‘coming of age’ film to the world at the Go Short Festival Arnhem, NL. Writing the score for ‘Boxcar’ was a personal exploration of the subject, and an intimate musical reflection on love, struggle, missed opportunities and loss. I was truly happy to involve Xander Nichting (Violin Tracks) to perform the music. Xander’s playing gave my music the heart and soul this story deserves.

BONJOUR Inc asked me to score the new pub for the renown French brand ‘Ciné-Télé Revue’ with it’s main objective: to positively surprise the target audience of Ciné-Télé-Revue and to target new readers, especially young people. It’s based on its main strength: quality editorial content, in line with new TV trends. a Special thank you to the BONJOUR Inc Team, Temple of Tune (Fredo Gevaert) for the collaboration, Director Nicolas Torres for the inspiring collaboration, and colleague Eloi Ragot for the opportunity.




It was an absolute joy collaborating with director and friend Hristo Todorov for the very first time. His short tells a modern tale of love and enchantment. Listen to the Suite from this upcoming romantic French short ‘Le Petit Contrat’ on Soundcloud
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Once again Brandy and I have teamed up to find a fitting theme for our client. This time around Belgian’s biggest newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ requested a recognizable tune that highlights a different way of bringing the news, with a bigger heart for what is happening around us. The result can be heard on tv, radio & social media.