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It has been a privilege to write the music for this new dramady series produced by Sylvester Productions. Director Thomas De Cock turned out to be a great collaborator in the creation of this score. Challenging me episode after episode to write at my very best. The series is available through VTMGO and will air on VTM later. a Big thank you to everyone involved. a Special thank you to the wonderful musicians, and to Wim Coryn for the music supervision and support.


To binge or not to binge! AD’s media reporter Gudo Tienhooven offered me the opportunity to compose a tune for their brand new podcast ‘AD Bingewatchers’. Over the years television has become a very popular platform and this podcast takes a closer look at which series are hot and which are not. Have a listen on Spotify or Soundcloud…



Once again director and creator Kyle William Roberts and I collaborated on a brand new stop motion series after enjoying doing “Batman LEGO” and “Thomas & Friends” together. I’ve had great fun writing music for these little Troll Webisodes for Reckless Abandonment Pictures in association with Dreamworks TVTM.



Two years ago I had the great fortune of composing a new musical identity for the Classical network MUSIQ’3 and record this music with the prestigious Brussels Philharmonic. I am glad to say Brandy and I joined forces again and provided a second installment in this musical oddysey. Once again we returned to the wonderful venue of Flagey and recorded with Belgian’s finest. Thank you Tom Van der Biest and Diederik Decraene for the support and of course a very warm thank you to all the musicians for giving their very best.

It’s with mixed feelings I can say I’ve wrapped the final music for ‘KOSMOO’. Daunting yet exciting, intense and great fun to do. Quite the adventure to have scored all 39 episodes over 3 bionical seasons. Thanks to the creatives and everyone who supported me along the way…

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