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After working together on the remarkable animation short ‘Oxygen’, director Rocky Grispen asked if I would be interested in scoring his first feature film about the darkest pages of Belgian history.

Special thanks to Rockmar Productions and violinist Xander Nichting for his performance on the score.

Writing the score for this miniseries has been quite special, since the whole project was created by a group of young, dynamic and very talented people. Director Brecht De Groot turned out to be a great wingman and joined forces with Eyeworks Film & TV Drama producers Peter Bouckaert & Nathalie Van Schelvergem.

The project was supported by a truly wonderful cast: Sofia Ferri, Flor Van Severen, Koen De Bouw, Lieselot Siddiki, Eliza Stuyck & Felix Maesschalk. Grateful for this unique opportunity.

Shortly after meeting Italian director Pepi Romagnoli at the Filmfestival Marseille, I was commisioned to write the music for her latest project called ‘Punti di Vista’

The documentary already earned recognition at the LA Indie Filmfest. a Special thank you to Sabam for Culture, Michelangelo Film and everyone at Music & Cinema Marseille (MCM) for making this international collaboration possible!

It was great fun to return to the world of ‘Van As’. After the success of the feature film -which I’ve scored last year- I was asked to score this spin off streamer produced by Olivier Stoffelen and directed by Jevon Lambrechts. Thank you to the fabulous musicians Steven de Bruyn on harmonica and Nils De Caster on Dobro Guitar for yet another great contribution to my music.

It was quite a cool thing to compose the music for this new Ketnet TV Series. This show gave me the opportunity to finally collaborate with A Team Productions Frontman Hendrik Verthé and director Sarah Kasmi.